Video review of Pinch Of Nom, 365 Days Of Art In Nature and Delfonics Art Holdall by Debby Hughes #bookreview #pinchofnom $365daysofart #delfonics

Today’s blog post is a little different. I’m reviewing a couple of books and an art holdall. However, this post stemmed from a life review that I thought I’d share with you because there could be people reading who are in a similar situation. In 2019 I was diagnosed with a genetic condition which explained the pain I was in. Through 2020, during the pandemic and lockdowns, I was attending hospital appointments to get my condition under control. Which thankfully it now is. However, I will have to manage my condition from now on. That in itself isn’t too difficult, but dealing with the side effects of pain and tiredness is another matter.

After being referred to a pain management course, I took a long hard look at myself and my life and realised there was significant room for improvement. The course highlighted how we feel pain is connected to sleep, diet, overall health, stress, anxiety and many more factors. I have to learn to accept my limitations and adapt while doing everything I can to lead the best life. As such, I am trying to be mindful of what I eat and to take plenty of rests. And this leads me on to my book and art holdall reviews. I’ve linked all supplies with compensated affiliate links used where possible at no cost to you.


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Video review of Pinch Of Nom, 365 Days Of Art In Nature and Delfonics Art Holdall by Debby Hughes #bookreview #pinchofnom $365daysofart #delfonics


Pinch Of Nom video book review by Debby Hughes #bookreview #pinchofnom

I saw this book being mentioned on an Instagram account I follow and having heard the name Pinch Of Nom many times before, I sought the book out to take a look. I liked what I saw and ordered it straight away. When it arrived I browsed through it with a pack of page markers to hand. Then my daughter who is supporting me in my health journey also went through the book in the same manner. As you can see we filled the book with markers! Almost every other page there was a recipe I wanted to try and that is unusual for us.

Pinch Of Nom video book review by Debby Hughes #bookreview #pinchofnom

I’ve been trying the recipes which are easy, tasty and well laid out. For example, with this Chicken Shashlik recipe, the time it takes to prepare, the cooking time and number of servings are shown at the top, ingredients down the side and instructions through the middle of the page. All pretty much straight forward and normal. However, I like the attention to detail:

  • top left – icons representing F (suitable for freezing), GF (gluten-free), V (vegetarian) and VE (vegan)
  • top left – calories per serving and also the number of carbohydrates
  • lower left – accompaniments – suggested foods to go with the recipe and their calories too
  • along the bottom – colour coded suggestions for swapping, batch cooking, and tips
Pinch Of Nom video book review by Debby Hughes #bookreview #pinchofnom

In addition, at the back of the book is a list of all of the recipes with basic nutritional details for each. Added together, this is a well thought out recipe book, filled with simple but tasty recipes all with a view to healthier eating. 


365 Days Of Art In Nature video book review by Debby Hughes #bookreview #365daysofart

So that’s one of the books I am using to help me be more mindful of what I’m eating. Another aspect I am embracing is the skill of relaxation. A tricky one for me, but one way I find it easier to relax is if I have something to do that isn’t too taxing – enough to keep me busy without needing to engage my brain too much LOL. With this in mind, my daughter bought me the 365 Days Of Art In Nature book. I already have the original 365 Days Of Art book which I enjoyed. The book is filled with 365 simple projects designed by Lorna Scobie. There is a range of books in this series, but seeing as plants, leaves and flowers are my favourite things to draw and colour I thought this book would suit me.

365 Days Of Art In Nature video book review by Debby Hughes #bookreview #365daysofart

There is space within the book to complete the studies. You may choose to use a higher quality paper depending on what medium you are using. However, I plan to draw and colour within the book and just go with it. Also a nice feature is that dotted through the pages are tip and reflections such as on this page to think about which media you liked using. I plan to have this book on the little table beside my chair where I can put my feet up and relax.


What's in my Delfonics art holdall and video review by Debby Hughes #delfonics

As I mentioned, the 365 Days Of Art In Nature book will sit on the little table beside my chair and yet all my craft supplies are in a room the other side of the house. So I am taking my art holdall to join the book to create a little art nook I can dip into while resting. The art holdall I like to use is this Delfonics one which is made of canvas and has a million pockets in which to store your supplies. This particular holdall is a medium but I also have the small too. The medium though has lots of room for a lot of supplies including a sketchbook if you so wish. In the video above, I take you for a peek into what is in my Delphonics utility pouch. Let me know in the comments below if you want a closer look and more detail of what I have in the pockets. This is also the holdall I took with me on holiday at the beginning of 2020 when holidays were allowed! Hopefully, this pouch will be joining me on trips to come when we can plan those again in the diary.

So there you go, my plan for the next wee while – conscious, healthy eating using the Pinch Of Nom book along the way and resting up with the simple projects within the 365 Days Of Art In Nature book with my supplies beside me in the Delfonics art holdall.


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Pinch Of Nom, 365 Days Of Art In Nature and Delfonics Art Holdall video review by Debby Hughes #bookreview #365daysofart #pinchofnom #delfonics

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