I love to learn, even though I’m *cough (non-COVID19 kind) not as young as I used to be, I’m still keen to expand my knowledge and skill level. It started at school with High School exams, went on to University, where I got a bachelor’s degree and then on to get a PhD. I then began work in the pharmaceutical industry for a period before deciding to stay home with my children. However, I needed something for myself, and that is where crafting and creative pursuits took over. I had a voracious desire to know how to do things and 15 years down the line very little has changed. I have read many books and taken many courses both online and in-person, and I thought today I’d share a couple of resources with you. 

I’m going to fangirl a bit here! I love Sarah Simon’s work, her love of botanicals both in real life and in paint, her genuine love of teaching and her authentic voice. So if you are staying home to save lives and have time on your hands then can I recommend a couple of options for you to enjoy Sara’s teaching. I’ve linked all supplies with compensated affiliate links used where possible at no cost to you.


I was delighted to see Sarah Simon (on Instagram @themintgardener) released a couple of books recently. I got the Modern Watercolor Botanicals (USA and UK) book for Christmas and have been very impressed with Saran’s teaching style and attention to detail. If you have some pennies to spend or a book voucher I’d highly recommend this book. Sarah also has a colouring page style book, The Plant Lady, which I don’t have yet but looks beautiful too.




Lastly, I notice that Sarah now has a class on Skillshare. So if that is the online learning platform that you enjoy most you can check out Sarah’s course:

Where Sarah talks about her essential materials, ‘magic sauce’ and goes on to create watercolour cards.

It’s always a good time to learn something new. If you have enjoyed this look at a couple of resources I’ve found and would like to see more posts like this, then please let me know below. I love to share, not only what I enjoy making, but also the tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way.

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