I love to learn, even though I’m *cough (non-COVID19 kind) not as young as I used to be, I’m still keen to expand my knowledge and skill level. It started at school with High School exams, went on to University, where I got a bachelor’s degree and then on to get a PhD. I then began work in the pharmaceutical industry for a period before deciding to stay home with my children. However, I needed something for myself, and that is where crafting and creative pursuits took over. I had a voracious desire to know how to do things and 15 years down the line very little has changed. I have read many books and taken many courses both online and in-person, and I thought today I’d share a couple of resources with you. 

I’m going to fangirl a bit here! I love Sarah Simon’s work, her love of botanicals both in real life and in paint, her genuine love of teaching and her authentic voice. So if you are staying home to save lives and have time on your hands then can I recommend a couple of options for you to enjoy Sara’s teaching. I’ve linked all supplies with compensated affiliate links used where possible at no cost to you.


I was delighted to see Sarah Simon (on Instagram @themintgardener) released a couple of books recently. I got the Modern Watercolor Botanicals (USA and UK) book for Christmas and have been very impressed with Saran’s teaching style and attention to detail. If you have some pennies to spend or a book voucher I’d highly recommend this book. Sarah also has a colouring page style book, The Plant Lady, which I don’t have yet but looks beautiful too.


If online is more your thing, I recently saw that the Italian Bundle has a Creative Bundle hugely on sale at the moment and Sarah’s is one of the courses included! The Creative Bundle is a group of online courses and ebooks by the best professionals in a specific genre, collected together with a unified theme and offered at a significant discount. When you tot up the cost of the individual courses, it comes to over $1400, but the price they are asking is just over $70 – a saving of 95%! This price is only valid for a week though, so be quick. This collection of courses covers watercolour, lettering, dyeing, digital art, chalk art, ink making … the list goes on and on. So yes, I’m fangirling over Sarah Simon, and her Watercolor Fundamentals: Color Mixing and Painting Botanicals course valued at USD$ 100 is included in the bundle. Still, the bundle is well worth a look for all the other content too – the courses would keep you busy and entertained during lockdown for sure! 




1. Ink Making Course USD$ 23,2* – Flora Arbuthnott  

www.floraarbuthnott.com  @plants_and_colour

2. Watercolor Botanical for Beginners USD$ 65 – Laura Ashton 

lauraashton.ca     @lauraashtonartist

3. Learn my lettering style USD$ 10 – Natalie Avalos

threeologie.com     @threeologie

4. Natural & Botanical Dye USD$ 45* – Ellie Beck Course Preview

www.petalplum.com.au       @petalplum

5. Painting Loose Florals for Beginners USD$ 8 – Farah Bidin


6. Art Made Easy: Draw and Paint with the iPad Pro USD$ 20 – Gabrielle Brickey

www.artworkbygabrielle.com           @artworkbygabrielle

7. Complete Guide to Brush Lettering USD$ 22 – Missy Briggs 

missybriggs.com            @missybriggs

8. Faux Calligraphy & Intro to Modern Calligraphy with small pen USD$ 18,99 – Essy Chen 


9. Summer Nights Step by Step USD$ 85* – Scott Christensen 

scottchristensen.com.au     @scottchristensenartist

10. The Comprehensive Guide to Bounce Lettering USD$ 27 – Maricar Concepcion 


11. Character Design for Beginners USD$ 34.99 – Alexandra Gábor 


12. Paint, Pattern, Play: Work Like a Surface Designer USD$ 75 – Amarilys Henderson

amarilyshenderson.com       @watercolordevo

13. Monoline Lettering Workbook USD$ 17,99 – Mhelanie Hernandez 

14. Mix media floral fantasy USD$ 75 –  Viddhi Kantesaria 


15. Coloring Mandalas eBook USD$ 20 – Ailin Karic Plakalo


16. Beginner Wall Hangings USD$ 9,99 – Emily Katz 

modernmacrame.com      @modernmacrame

17. Mini acrylic workshop Woodland Magic USD$ 38– Katrina Koltes 

katrinakoltes.com        @katrinakoltesrina

18. Creative Lettering for Beginners USD$ 140– Shannon Layne 


19. The Beginner’s Guide to the Art of Furoshiki Wrapping USD$ 39 – Shiho Masuda Course Preview

www.shihomasuda.com       @shihomasuda_giftwrapping

20. My secrets to draw chalk flowers USD$ 10– Valerie Mckeehan 


21. Weaving Basics USD$ 25 – Maryanne Moodie Course Preview


22. Gouache for Beginners USD$ 49 – Let’s paint a gouache landscape – Zaneena Nabeel 


23. The nature heArt Journal USD$ 70*– Francisca Nunes 

www.franciscanunes.com       @franciscanunes_heartmakes

24. How to create painting with POP USD$ 40 – Dennis Perrin Course Preview

www.theperrinmethod.com         @dennisperrinfineart

25.  Spirit Medicine, a Creativity and Art Journal Course USD$ 37 – Melanie Rivers Course Preview

www.melanierivers.ca     @melanie2_rivers

26. Stitch guide USD$ 5 – Stephanie Roach 

www.aweddedlife.com    @aweddedlife

27. Brush Lettering Workbook USD$ 18,75 – Andrea Rosell 

lettersbyandre.com        @lettersbyandre

28. Watercolor Fundamentals: Color Mixing and Painting Botanicals USD$ 100 – Sarah Simon 


29. Modern Calligraphy Basics USD$ 97 – Holly Stavness Course Preview

www.hollyannacalligraphy.com      @hollyannacalligraphy

30. Digital Lettering Workbook + Quick Recap of Tips to Grow Your Instagram USD$ 19,99 – Sarah Style  


31. Flower Fundamentals USD$ 56 – Yvette Timmins Course Preview

www.bloomonline.com.au     @bloomcollege

32. Learn to paint a dreamy spring landscape USD$ 19 – Irina Trzaskos

33. Mother’s Day Cards in Watercolor USD$ 26 – Irina Trzaskos


34. Better Beginnings in Watercolour USD$ 49 – Kerrie Woodhouse Course Preview

35. Elephants with Watercolour Markers USD$ 39 – Kerrie Woodhouse Course Preview


Remember! They will only be at this price for a week!!!


Lastly, I notice that Sarah now has a class on Skillshare. So if that is the online learning platform that you enjoy most you can check out Sarah’s course:

Where Sarah talks about her essential materials, ‘magic sauce’ and goes on to create watercolour cards. Now if I have this correct, I believe that this link gives you two free months of Skillshare Premium Membership.

It’s always a good time to learn something new. If you have enjoyed this look at a couple of resources I’ve found and would like to see more posts like this, then please let me know below. I love to share, not only what I enjoy making, but also the tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way.

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