This is my second update for today! While sorting out my emails, I think that’s the worst job when you get back from being away, or maybe it is the unpacking or the washing …! Anway, while I was going through my emails, I see that it is Prime Day over at Amazon today and tomorrow (Prime 48 hours?). It’s already started on Amazon UK, and I know a lot of my readers are in the US, and there it begins on Amazon US at midnight PT. If you are looking to add a saucepan or new phone case to your basket, then I thought you might be interested in adding an art/craft related book too. Here are a few that I have and enjoyed. Compensated affiliate links used where possible at no cost to you.

First up and I have found the Print & Pattern to be genuinely inspiring, and I was buzzing with ideas after reading it and still refer to it now when my mojo is on a hiatus. You can find that book at Amazon US and Amazon UK. You can see a few of the cards inspired by this book herehere and here.

I’m a huge fan of Jenna Rainey, @jennarainey on Instagram and love her watercolouring and was very excited to find her book, Everyday Watercolour, Learn To Paint Watercolor In 30 Days. It is a thorough look at how to watercolour starting with the basics and working up in Jenna’s lovely loose watercolour style. You can find that book at Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Jenna also has a new book out which I don’t have yet but is on my wishlist. This time it is all about florals so you can imagine it is right up my street! You can find that book at Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Amazon recommended this book, How To Draw Modern Florals when I was purchasing Everyday Watercolor and again I follow Alli Koch on Instagram I thought I’d give it a try as I’d still very much like to draw more myself. You can find that book at Amazon US and Amazon UK. As a result of this book, I now have a sketchbook filled with floral line art, and the tutorials included break down the steps to drawing the flowers into manageable bite-size chunks.

There is a little bit of everything included in the 365 Days Of Art book, and the great thing is that each task is achievable in a short amount of time. Although I’ve not been following the book daily, I’ve completed several of the pages and really enjoyed the challenge. You can find that book at Amazon US and Amazon UK.

My most recent purchase is this little Japanese colour combination book which I think was first printed in the 1930s. A lot of the text is in Japanese, but the colour swatches throughout the book are a great reference point when looking for a new colour palette. You can find that book at Amazon US and Amazon UK.

OK, so I think that is most of the art books I’ve bought over the last year or two. I hope you enjoy and I’d love to hear of recommendations from you so I can pop something in my basket along with the saucepans and phone case – I wasn’t joking about those LOL.

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