I have something a little different for you today but I know many of you have appreciated my book reviews in the past, and I recently got a book that I thought anyone who uses Instagram or is interested in photography would enjoy – Hashtag Authentic by Sara Tasker @me_and_orla on Instagram and website here.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for Sara, who has built a business while bringing up her young daughter and managing a chronic illness.


I shared details of the book on Instagram, which is probably my favourite social media channel because of the mix of gorgeous photographs and community spirit, and many people appreciated hearing about the book. Some had already bought it, and some were tempted to go and buy it and resoundingly the responses I had back were positive. So I thought you’d perhaps like to hear about it too.

The book is filled with Sara’s beautiful photography as well as that of another couple I very much enjoy the style of James & Jo Melia – @meliamelia.co on Instagram and website here.

I often buy books, read the first few pages and then get distracted, but Sara’s book had me turning the pages, and I’d finished reading it in two days. The book guides you through what Sara has learnt about Instagram and photography – as you would expect there is no magic sauce or short cut to Instagram fame and fortune. I’m not sure that’s what people want anyway, but it does give lots of helpful tips on how to make the most of the app. More importantly for me was the shift in viewpoint I felt having read the book and undergone some of the exercises. As I follow the path of where I want my photography to go, Sara’s book has helped me to hone in on what is important to me, what I enjoy seeing and so ultimately the images and stories I want to capture.

If you want to check out the Hashtag Authentic book, you can find it here on Amazon US and here on Amazon UK.


Hashtag Authentic

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