Placing elements in a visual triangle makes it pleasing to the eye. When those elements are bright bananas in a monkey Christmas party it's even more fun LOL. Find out more by clicking the following link:

I’m over on the Waffle Flower blog today with this card using the cutest critters from the Willy & Friends set with Stocking set accessories. Please pop over there for more photos and details on the card, but I wanted to share here too as while making the card I was debating where to place the bananas. Tricky crafters decision LOL, but I went with a tried and tested principle of creating a visual triangle. The yellow of those bananas really pop, so arranging them in a triangle shape is pleasing to the eye. As it turns out I also had another triangle created by the placement of all the elements on the card from the single bunch of bananas on the left rising to the height of the banana filled stocking on the right. When all is said and done though, this card just makes me smile as those critters are having fun in their Christmas party :D

Please pop on over to Waffle Flower to find out more details on this card.


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