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I’m so glad you found my recommendations for photography classes helpful. As a result, Craftsy have offered my readers 50% off the Basics Of Digital Photography course – good deal! This offer is only live for the next 7 days, expiring on 14th October at 11.59pm MT.

Craft Photography Fundamentals

In addition I am hoping that my time stays clear to catch the live (and free) showing of Candice Stringham’s Craft Photography Fundamentals at Creative Live. This is a two day class starting tomorrow (08 October). I think it’s fabulous that this class is aimed at crafters. You may know Candice from her impressive CV within our industry and currently as Marketing Director of one my favourite brands; My Mind’s Eye. Not only that but her photography CV is equally impressive so I am very much looking forward to this class too.

Yup, I’m still the eternal student LOL but I love to learn and try to improve :D

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