I’ve a quick update post for you today. Come back soon to join in the Simon Says Stamp hop to celebrate the new The Color Of Fun release. However, I’ve had a few questions asking about how the new inks compare to the current Simon Says Stamp inks. So I swatched out a few colours for you to look at. Please excuse the less than perfect stamping; I’m just about to fly out the door for Sports Day :D

The Color Of Fun ink comparison

Please be aware that taking photos is never going to be the same as seeing these inks in real life and that even each computer screen will show colours differently. In real life there are more differences between the lighter colours than shows up here, but this is the best I can do to give you an idea. OK, so starting on page 1 with The new Duckling which goes so perfectly as a lighter shade of Sunshine; now isn’t that the perfect description to say on a lovely, sunny summers day ‘a lighter shade of sunshine’! Anyway, I’m getting distracted, apart from Sunshine the closest ink I’d say was Goldenlocks but it doesn’t show up that well in this photo that this has a more definite green tint to it.

I love Rosie Cheeks! It’s like a mid-tone traditional pink. I’ve long desired just the right pink, it’s such a personal colour choice I think. Rosie Cheeks is perfect for all those flowers and little girl stamping :D The closest we have currently is Cotton Candy (I need to replace this one as it’s running out) and Pale Blush Pink but I’d say they were more on the peachy tones than pink.

Cloudy Sky; a lovely muted smokey blue fits really well with Caribbean Blue and then onto Soft Navy. The closest currently is Surf Blue but that’s more blue than Cloudy Blue’s grey tones.

Catkin is a chartreuse yellowy-green and currently we have nothing really like it. In the mid-tone range Beanstalk Green is the closest but not really. Catkin does tone beautifully with Olive and I’ve got a project tomorrow using the Many Thanks set that matches these two colours together.

Melon; oh a lovely light peachy orange, again nothing really in the current inks like it but it tones beautifully with Orange Peel.

Hollyhock, well hello Hollyhock! The closest is Doll Pink but not really, Hollyhock is a more muted mid-tone than that.

Wisteria is a lovely, deeper shade of Lavender.

Now my next section includes both Spring Rain and Scuba which complement each other PERFECTLY! Only similar shade currently is Audrey Blue but that’s more blue than the aqua shades of Spring Rain and Scuba. “SCUBA-doobeedoobeedoo” as Laura Bassen would say!

Blue Jay is another of Laura’s picks and it is totally unique which considering we have a few blues in the Simon lines is great. Island Blue is the closest but nothing alike really.

 The Color Of Fun ink comparison

Moving on to page 2 and boy don’t Sunkist and Burnt Orange go perfectly together!

Finally Jellybean (love that name) is a bright vibrant green the closest to which is Green Apple but that is a different hue; more yellow hints to it whereas Jellybean has a true green colour.

I hope you find these colours swatches helpful ; you can see the new inks in the whole of The Color Of Fun release.

Boy, oh boy do these colours make me happy! I love them all; new and old, ones which tone with current inks, ones which are unique and everything in between. Right I’d better head off to this Sports Day and the day couldn’t be more perfect with Spring Rain skies and the trees still have that new Catkin green colour!! Getting carried away LOL?


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