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I’m here today with something totally different, I’ve debated whether to share ‘photography stuff’ here for a while. On the basis of share what you love I thought I’d drop in with a little on the subject. As many of you that visit here are bloggers too then it might interest you also. Every now and then I will share more. If it resonates with you, great :D! If not so much then feel free to scroll to the next post in your reader ;)

Now, let me say that I am no expert, in fact very, very far from it! Yes, I am an enthusiast but there are people out there that really know their stuff. I’ve had no training; in the past I have read a lot of photography magazines, a few books and watched lots of YouTube videos and that’s about it. There is a good chance that a real photographer will tear their hair out at some of the things I might say on the subject! Ultimately though, I have experimented and found things that have been useful to me and as I continue this journey I hope to find more helpful nuggets, maybe you will find them of worth too.

To start, I thought I’d share what kit I use. I bought my first digital camera, a point and shoot, back in 2004 when my youngest was born. Over the last 10 years I have slowly upgraded the camera I use and I feel very fortunate to be able to have my current camera, a mid range Canon DSLR, the 60D, which I bought in 2011. I appreciate how lucky I am to have a camera like this and equally that it is not a guaranteed formula for taking good photos!


So here it is sitting, as it does when I’m at home, on my desk and when we go away it comes with us. With two teenagers in the house and a third who aspires to that status even though he’s only 10, my family photo opportunities are not what they were! I do love taking photos, recording our family life and the places we visit though. Having said that, nowadays running around after teens, sometimes that memory keeping is consigned to the contents of my smart phone but I’d rather have a picture in my phone than none at all :) Since blogging I’ve spent more time with my camera and can I just say that cards do not stick their hand up in front of the camera, throw a ‘Mum really’ look, or run about making taking photos tricky! So for blog photos this is what I use.


Other than the main camera body, there are a couple of other things I have found that I now wouldn’t want to live without. At the top of my list is a 50mm lens. This lens sits on my camera at all times unless I’m out and about with the family. Believe it or not, this type of fixed focal length lens (rather than a zoom lens) is often described as cheap! In terms of lenses as a whole, I guess it is on the lower end of the range, but lets face it, a photography hobby is a big black hole for your finances! For Canon cameras there are three main 50mm options and this is the middle priced one, the 1:1.4. I will put links at the bottom of this post to this and the others.


I’ve always found the strap that comes with a camera to be so uncomfortable to wear for long periods! I replaced mine with a neoprene one which also has the option to unclick the main portion of the strap and the two remaining short pieces click together to create a handy little grab-and-go strap which doesn’t dangle and get in the way when I’m taking photos at home. You can see it in that way on my camera above. When it’s time to hop in the car with the family it’s easy to add in the main portion again with a couple of clicks :) I bought this one in the UK but I’ve linked a similar US one too.


One final bit of kit I use is a tripod. Previously, although I had a tripod I didn’t use it but recently, with a bad back, having the camera on a tripod means I’m not bending as often and it is better for my back. Not unsurprisingly, it is also better for my photos too and I think this might be a good subject for a photography chat section another day. You can spend many, many $ on a tripod and a tripod head. However, I don’t use my tripod outside so much, I’m not going to be expecting it to be stable in a gale force wind. So I bought a simple tripod for my needs.

Now, that’s my camera set up, but as I’ve said I feel very fortunate to be able to use this camera. I know that there will be people reading this with much better cameras and equally people who do not. I want to emphasise that I strongly believe that the heart of a photo comes from the person taking it and that some of my favourite bloggers use their smart phones. Equally people with really good cameras aren’t always the ones who take really good photos. More than any fancy kit, I think the people who take great photos are those that take the time to learn to use what they have and the passion and desire to improve. That’s me in a nutshell – I want to improve. I want to understand. I want to learn.

Now if you’re still with me here at the end of this, wow, thank you for sticking in there! I’d appreciate any comments on whether you would find more of thoughts on photography interesting/useful. Perhaps looking at other accessories or actual photography techniques like using aperture settings to get those blurry backgrounds? Of course, just from my first hand, enthusiasts point of view :D

I’ll be back during the week with lots to share as, among other things, the slightly delayed Clearly Besotted Stamps release gets into full swing. The schedule for this month is peeks starting on Tuesday 06 May with products going live on Saturday 10 May at Clearly Besotted Stamps and Simon Says Stamp.

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