Popping in to announce the WINNERS of the spot on the next Online Card Class; Insider :) Note that I said winners not singular but plural? Yep that’s because I have not one, not two but three spots on the class to give away! Ready, set, and the winners are ………

Linda V, Maria F. and Carol D!

  • Linda V September 10, 2013 At 3:17 Am

Oh, this will be wonderful. I always have such a hard time with the insides of cards. Thanks for offering the giveaway!!!

  • Maria F. September 11, 2013 At 12:22 Pm

Would love to see you ladies’ ideas for the insides.

  • Carol D September 10, 2013 At 7:50 Am

I’ve never tried a class but it sounds great! Thanks so much for a chance to win.

Congratulations Linda, Maria and Carol! Drop me a line and I will get you sorted with your spot on the class :)

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