The winners of my paper giveaway are:

How brave of you! I love just admiring & fingering forgotten craft supplies! Most generous
Hi, Only me here to say wow what a lovely give away! I would love to win but even if I do not I love seeing what you make so I still win!
and thanks for subscribe I don’t miss any of your fabby creations either!! have a great week! hugs me x
Hi Debbie, what a good idea cutting down your papers. I love dp so thanks for your generous giveaway. x
Hi Debbie, I sorted some of my stash to give to the grandchildren to play with, put it in a box, and slowly but surely ended up putting most back in my drawers, gulp! Don’t judge me, my name is Jane and I’m a craft addict.
Lindsey, Samantha, Aileen & Jane drop me an email with your address and I will pop a box of goodness your way :)

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