From all over the world and all walks of life, this passion we have to create unites us. That unity has meant I have ‘met’ the most wonderful people :)

I was sat in the car outside my daughter’s piano lesson this evening chatting on Facebook with the amazing Wida Miller. This girls passion and energy for life is so inspirational. We got chatting about my blog header and how it was looking a bit bare. Wida pointed me in the direction of the amazingly talented Megan Klauer – “favourite scrapbooker and blog header designer EVER”. I loved Megan’s edgy style and sent her a quick message, not even sure if she could help me out.

Well I have to say that I’m speechless! Megan took who I am and my style and worked her magic and I am so delightfully happy with my new look! Please pop by and read Megan’s post as she describes her design process. I still can’t quite believe how this wonderful person who only just ‘met’ me can so totally get me!

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