Lots of it too! I live in Scotland and we get a bit of snow here, but not usually this early and this is the most we’ve ever had in one go since I moved here. It started snowing Friday night and has snowed on and off since. In total we have about 24 inches, the schools are closed and we are pretty much snowed in. A few four wheel drives have managed to get out and about but that’s about it. I know that in some areas of the world this isn’t much snow but for us it’s quiet unusual. This area of Scotland is better prepared and more accustomed to snow than some areas of the UK but still this early and this much! So here are some pictures. Looking from our house one way:

The mounds in the front are large plants and the mounds at the back are cars. Looking up our road:

The mound in the foreground is about 6 feet high!


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