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Debby Hughes - Lime Doodle Design #planner #colorcrush #websterspages

You guys know how I love my planners, so it is no surprise that I’m totally excited about the new Plan On It! release from Simon Says Stamp! Three fabulous stamp sets to cover all your planning needs and …… the cutest, most colourful, mini hybrid ink pads too! Here take a look:

Simon Says Stamp Plan On It! release

The colour-ways in those hybrid ink pad packs are adorable! Each set is picked to tone well together and give you colour coding flexibility with your planning. If you buy all four sets be aware that a couple of colours are doubled up as they are so useful to tone with others. This inky rainbow is so much fun and totally cute to boot! Putting that aside though, this size of pad still gives loads of ink, is great for space-saving and means you can splurge on more colours ;) Just a note on the formulation, dye inks (Simon’s previously released inks) soak into the paper giving fabulous, even coverage. However, these properties do mean that you can get the ink showing through on the backside of thin papers used in planners. Pigment inks sit on the surface of the paper but perhaps don’t give you such great even coverage. Hybrid ink such as these mini ink pads are a combination of the two – they don’t soak into the paper as much as a dye ink but give better coverage than some pigment inks. Wohoo, perfect planner inks which just happen to still work great for card making too. If you didn’t spot it, I was a little sneaky and used the new inks on a card yesterday. I thought it would be helpful for you to see the inks in use on a larger scale than you can see in a planner.

Debby Hughes - Lime Doodle Design #planner #colorcrush #websterspages

OK enough about the inks, let’s have a closer look at those new stamps! I love Webster’s Color Crush range and I have the Planner Kit in Light Teal with the matching Craftmate Folio for all my pens and such. I like to print calendar pages which suit my planning needs. The ones you see here are from Miss Tiina on Etsy. With the basic weekly spread in place I then took to planning out the days with icons from the Life Planning and Plan On It sets. The cute little card icon with a heart on it is in the Plan On It! set, I used that to show days I had a blog post due which over the last week has been every day! The + symbol from the Life Planning set along with the ‘DOCTOR’ indicated when I had a Doctors appointment for my youngest. The Painters palette shows a day where I need to create a project for later in the week. A coffee cup, for a quick planner-love get together with a friend who was keen to see the new sets for herself. An envelope to denote a day I wanted to get a card in the post. A little heart for a birthday phone call with a flag stamped on a sticky note and trimmed out to really make sure I remember. A ‘MEETING’ word to remind me to take my daughter to her Duke of Edinburgh meeting and a cake icon so I remember to make cakes for the next day when we have my youngest’s birthday party and are taking a hoard of small boys into Woodland Combat. Oh and on Sunday a cute TV so I can have a little ‘me time’ and sit and watch The Big Painting Challenge from the BBC. Finally a sticky note stamped with lines to write on and check boxes to tick to keep my shopping list up to date :D

Debby Hughes - Lime Doodle Design #planner #colorcrush #websterspages

Laid out like this the colours catch my eye and firstly make it an appealing place to go to which means I’m more likely to refer to it. Then the colours serve double purpose to highlight the events which repeat through the week. I find the icons much easier on the eye than lots of writing and at a quick glance I can see what needs doing when. On top of these key events I have a multitude of children’s activities but those don’t change week to week. Laid out like this I get a snap shot of how my week looks. If need be I then clip in a day on a page plan with more detailed time management – drive child A to point B picking up children C, D and E on the way ….. etc

Debby Hughes - Lime Doodle Design #planner #colorcrush #websterspages

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little look into my planner. I know I always love to see how people plan out their time. You can check out all the new goodies over at Simon Says Stamp, I’d be quick as I’m sure these are going to be very popular :D I think there’s a real planner revival going on and I’m loving it!


Planner – Websters color crush planner kit light teal, craftmate folio light teal; Stamps – Simon Says Stamp plan on it, life planning; Inks – Simon Says Stamp hybrid inks, Versafine onyx black; Copics – BG53 G43

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