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Debby Hughes - Lime Doodle Design - Midori Traveler's Notebook, Planner, Diary

How about something a little different for this weekend? Still paper related, and often as not using many of the same supplies I usually do, but instead of cards I’m talking planners. I’ve seen a real surge among crafty folks who have guiltily stuck their hands up to being planner nerds LOL. I thoroughly recommend you see Kristina’s post (with video), she’s an Erin Condren fan, as is Stephanie who has also just written a fab post with video and giveaway. Then there’s Annabelle who plans with a Filofax. See I’m not alone in this :D In fact, let’s face it, we are talking folk who love to play with paper so it’s not much of a stretch to diaries, planners and filofaxes! It is great to see everyone’s versions and the products they like to use, as with everything in life we are all different :D

Debby Hughes - Lime Doodle Design - Midori Traveler's Notebook, Planner, Diary

I’ve been keeping myself organised in this manner for as long as I can remember and I too have an Erin Condren planner! I keep them all and it’s nice to know I can look back on them and what I was up to in that time of my life. My latest love is the Midori Traveler’s Notebook (MTN). An equally addicted friend (Nikki who makes lovely sewn goods) showed me hers and well I was ordering that baby with it’s beautiful leather cover before you knew it! In the UK the only place you can really get a MTN is from the Journal Shop. I warn you if you have a tendency for stationery supplies then lock up your wallet before clicking over there! The leather of the MTN is a lovely rich brown but you can also get it in black. Over time the leather marks and scuffs and tells its own story of daily use :D

Debby Hughes - Lime Doodle Design - Midori Traveler's Notebook, Planner, Diary

A5 in height it is narrower than a lot of other options which makes it so much more portable and also takes up less desk space. That was the thing about some of the other systems I’ve tried – they are great for giving you lots of space but ultimately I found them restricting as I wouldn’t pick them up and carry them around with me. The MTN and notebooks are well designed to give enough space and yet so easy to throw in your bag as you head out the door or plonk on the arm of the chair in the evening while jotting down a few notes.

The leather outer has bands which hold your own choice of notebooks. I have three in mine – one with graph paper, one with an undated planner and one with plain paper. The paper in these notebooks is fabulous and will even take a fountain pen (I have a Kaweco one in mint). I used some of my craft supplies to give simple decoration to the notebook covers. Above, on the cover of the graph paper notebook, is an Amy Tangerine tag with a couple of Kelly Purkey stickers (this one and this one), both held in place with some washi (this one and this one) which makes it so easy to remove everything and switch them out later.

Debby Hughes - Lime Doodle Design - Midori Traveler's Notebook, Planner, Diary

On the plain paper notebook I have simply a Studio Calico vellum journal card, again held in place with washi. The Oli Block clips I am using (below on the undated planner) are fabulously magnetic and the small size shown here can hold many pages comfortably. I’d seen them previously available in the Container Store but couldn’t source any until finding them on Instagram with distributors around the world including a super speedy service in the UK.

Debby Hughes - Lime Doodle Design - Midori Traveler's Notebook, Planner, Diary

Here’s a look at the undated planner; for privacy, I’ve not filled this page in, however on hindsight I could detail in each area what I use the notebook for and I will do that and blog an update sometime :D All my appointments initially go into an electronic calendar which synchronizes between my laptop and phone. All ‘to do’ items go into the planner. Then on the weekend I plan the week ahead and this becomes my hub as I refer to it and make adjustments as the week progresses. Appointments go on the left page and I reserve the right page for my to do lists. The left page has light tick marks half way across each day area. I suppose this could represent morning and afternoon. For me I write all my daytime appointments when the kids are at school on the left side and all my after school/evening appointments on the right side. The fact that the MTN system doesn’t have a ring binder when trying to utilise a full page is wonderful.

I also split the right page into two columns. In the left column I write all the things I need to do relating to this blog and classes etc. Whereas the right column is for home related to do items. This leaves me enough space to write 12 to do items per day. Which is more than enough and, if I was writing down more than that, I realistically wouldn’t achieve them.

Debby Hughes - Lime Doodle Design - Midori Traveler's Notebook, Planner, Diary

Apart from the Kaweco fountain pen I mentioned above I’m a fan of erasable Frixion pens; I’ve got the 24 colour pack to give me lots of colour options. Here you can see the Frixion pens in action in the graph notebook (please excuse my scrawling handwriting). I use the back of that book for jotting down all sorts of information which I refer to on a regular basis. Saves me having to dig around on the internet or my email to find things :D In the front of the book I jot down project ideas and sketches.

One last thing I’m looking forward to including in my future planning are the Studio L2E stamp sets. I’ve just bought the following sets:

I’m impressed that these stamps already come in their own clear pocket and labelled too :D

Debby Hughes - Lime Doodle Design - Midori Traveler's Notebook, Planner, Diary

Phew, I think I should label this an enabling post! As best I can I’ve included links above and you can also see them below too. By clicking on the little thumbnail will take you right to them :D

So tell me I’m not crazy; you get this right? Do you plan? For me trying to juggle a busy life with 3 growing and equally busy children, planning is an essential part of keeping me sane. If it’s down in the planner, it will get done on the right day and in the meantime I can forget about it and free my mind of trying to keep track of things. It’s sort of like a brain dump; at the end of the day with the planner on the arm of my chair I can write down and clear my head of all the things buzzing around in there. Then I can go to bed and sleep without having to think that I must remember to do this or that tomorrow. If it’s written down I’ve got it :D


You can find links to the supplies I’ve used below; click on the picture or wording to get taken directly to the product. Where available I use affiliate links which means if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support.

Midori Traveler’s Notebook; Kaweco Sport Skyline fountain pen in mint; Tag – Amy Tangerine; Stickers – Kelly Purkey; Washi – Doodlebug; Journal Card – Studio Calico; Oli Block clips; 24 pack of Frixion Pens; Stamps – Studio L2E list it, plan it, work plans


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